Use I am MAX also via web

Posted on 27.8.2019

Would you like to know what is "I am MAX" and how does MAX actually help you during your stay? Well, Try MAX first through the web, without installing any application, without registering. Simply visit

Nowadays, when even the "Radar Ghost" app already exists, everyone will consider which app to install on their mobile. There are just too many useless apps out there, and we believe that I am MAX is useful during your stay and we want to prove it to you first. From now, you can try MAX first without installing the I am MAX application. Just visit via your mobile, PC or tablet, enter your name and the name of the accommodation where you are staying ... that's it, so easy. Immediately you'll get an overview of what is happening in the hotel and nearby, useful information you don't have to google anymore. And if you want to find a mate for activities at the hotel or contact the hotel directly, you are able to download the I am MAX app with other cool features for free. So what? Would you try it during your next travels? 

Visit and enjoy the stay to the max!