I am MAX in Ponteo Activity Park

Posted on 4.12.2018

Slovak startup HotelioHub came to market with amazing new feature, which brings hoteliers’ attention beyond the Slovakia.

Creators of successful solution introduce the application “I am MAX”, smart & witty assistant.

Forget the leaflets in lobby, in elevator, or tons of paper on the hotel room. Who pays attention to these marketing materials? Frankly – not us. That’s why we decided to create hotel assistant MAX, smart and witty polar bear. We summarize our rich experiences based on years of traveling, and technological and management backgrounds. As more than 97,5% travelers currently own a mobile device, MAX is always here for hotel guests. Ready to please them 24/7. Missing article at the room? What time is the breakfast? What time is the pool closing? What’s the seasonal menu? What to do around? Easy! MAX knows it all! And he’s more than happy to share all the tips & information.

Our goal is to provide more effective way of promoting hotel facilities & benefits by better targeting of hotel guests. Better placed marketing automatically leads to increase of sales of hotel services up to 21%. Thanks to MAX clients are well informed about all hotel events, local activities and offered services. Moreover, I am MAX brings social interaction between the guests where people can meet up and enjoy hotel facilities & offers together. Modern traveler prefers to manage everything via his smart phone. This applies to room check-in or service booking, too. More than 39% of tourists likes to keep everything under their thumb.

On the other hand, hotel management easily creates and promotes events and shares them on the “Dashboard”, where all important information are stored. Guests get instantly notified. They can comfortably overview the information & sing-up for them if interested. MAX shows also the surroundings and activities nearby the hotel. Web-based solution for the hotel management offers the absolute flexibility, content is filled according to their preferences and needs. Travelers can always leave the feedback, which is valuable tool to improve the services. It’s great benefit to be first one to learn if your guests were satisfied.

We launched our product pilot with Ponteo Activity Park in Rusovce, which offers plenty of sport activities.

„The real challenge is to guide our guests throughout their stay. It’s super important to help them to enjoy everything they love to do, thanks to well-targeted and personalized communication. That’s why we loved the idea of implementing I am MAX to our hotel,” explains Jaroslav Jaroš, general manager of Ponteo Activity Park Rusovce, Bratislava.

Lately we attended couple of conferences about new trends in hoteliers. Topic of „smart guests behavior“ is definitely one of the hottest of the season. It’s absolutely clear, that personalized marketing communication is one of the greatest tool how to present hotel facilities to the guests. Thanks to our MAX we believe travelers will enjoy their stays to the maximum, which means their satisfaction as well. Hotels will search for smart solutions for guests and managers, and I am MAX could be exactly what they are looking for.

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Lukas Vencelik

CEO & co-founder of I am MAX, focused on mobile apps and platforms development from product and sales point of view mostly in travel and hospitality segment.