How to eliminate bad reviews on or tripadvisor?

Posted on 26.9.2019

The main goal of every hotel is to sell as much room as possible. There are too many factors influencing that as location, facilities, number of stars etc. But I would like to talk about the digital factors that are an inseparable part of the booking decision nowadays.
The most of the reservations come from booking portals which is great place to reach more people but comes also with huge competition where the review on booking portals is one of the most important factors for the selection of the next hotel of every guest.

So how to effectively work with the reviews of your property? You can read the review and try to fix that and apologise to the guest. What basically do most of the hotels that understand the power of reviews. However, potential guests already look at this negative feedback and may decide for another hotel just because of that. Well, it is simply impossible for the hotel to be perfect. Whenever technical problems can occur or even hotel staff can make mistakes, that just happens. The best way is to capture the negative feedback/guest experience while their stay and try to resolve it before it's out there on the portals so the guest leaves satisfied at the end. Only in this case, guests will leave a positive review even if they did face some kind of troubles. Just because it was fixed during their stay.

We cannot offer you a solution for fixing the issues, that must be done on your side in the hotel. But we can help you with collecting and managing the reported complains from your guests using the hotel system I am MAX. Our complex solution already includes the ability to report complaints and manage communication with the guests. It works quite simply. There are sticker labels with a QR code at the hotel with a direct link to I am MAX which allows guests to report any compliant in a few clicks. Collected information will be sent directly to the hotel via email, which gives the hotel enough time and opportunity for a solution with the ability to contact guest about the progress.

We believe that all these simple opportunities to be closer to your guests, listening to their needs or complaints helps you to develop positive vibes about your hotel that are truly appreciated by guests. Which, end the end, brings you the revenue and happy customers that you set up as a goal fo your KPI.

If you agree with us, just try I am MAX at your hotel as well and let's grow up together.
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