Technology isn’t the enemy

Posted on 20.2.2019

The idea of creating HotelioHub popped into Lukas‘ head after years of constant traveling  from one place to another. He basically traveled the world and experienced more than many of us. Lukas is our CEO and author of MAX, who was created to help travelers, like himself.
He gathered guys from travel segments like Sygic or Tripasky and together they developed I am MAX app, for hotel management & hotel guests. 

Technology is the future

Everybody knows it. Technologies move the world. Suddenly it’s so normal to see & use the interactive panels in bureaus, purchase goods from e-shops without previous touching them and even become client of a bank without leaving your living room. How many of your read your newspaper from your cell-phone this morning on the way to office? Digitization became the normal part of our life. And we like it! Even your mama searches for recipes online, instead of browse through a cook book. According to analyzes, by the year 2020, 44% of the population will have grown up with digitization. This definitely includes the Millennials and Generation Z, who are predicted to reach close to half of all potential hotel guests. Based on experiences of their friends and nowadays so popular travel bloggers, they rely on shared feedbacks and recommendations. They socialize and seek connections and both physical and virtual places of encounter. 
Not only Millennials are using #travelhacks to plan a trip. The environment within which hoteliers operate has changed dramatically in recent years as well. Travelers love to use booking portals to search for best quality for lowest price. Transparent prices create huge pressure on price politics of hotels. To keep up with this new world phenomena, hotels have to adapt to the technological changes. To avoid being switched for private capacity so progressively offered by online booking platforms, they shouldn’t ignore these three factors:

  • Effective communication & interaction with hotel guests 
  • Leveraging of back-office activities 
  • Expanding into new business opportunities within hospitality segment 

Days when we used regular keys to open hotel doors are definitely over. Now you most likely won’t be shocked meeting robotic housekeeper instead or managing your curtains directly from bed. All thanks to massive integration of smart systems used by progressive hotel companies. Many hotels took this numbers and facts into considerations and allocated huge resources for digitalization already. 
In addition, thanks to artificial intelligence powered apps and solutions, hotels now can supply more information accessible to guests through their devices resembling that of an e-concierge. And –let’s be honest here –who doesn’t love that? Having smart solution based directly on your own device, assisting you during your stay. 

How traveler become your hotel guest 

This is the road how one simple traveler become your hotel guest. And not only hotel guest. Recurrent one. Each traveler starts as modest person. Maybe working long hours, maybe searching for some adventure in his life, or simply desiring to experience something new. After hours (or minutes – depends on the character of our simple traveler) spent on reading reviews on relevant websites, calling friends, or admiring cool travel blogs, he plucks up courage and choose the spot. He arrives, checks-in, enjoys the entertainment & facilities inside & outside of the hotel, socializes and leaves happy and full of new experiences. Each of these activities can be tracked and measured in some metric (profit, time or number of reps). We at HotelioHub have decided to focus on three main parts of this cycle.

  1. Before arrival
  2. During the stay
  3. Leaving the hotel 

I am MAX application

I am MAX improves optimization hotel services and facilities and helps to use the resources to the maximum. Implementing of web-based client saves time of hotel employees and effective marketing increases upsell via new channels – mobile application. 
You will be surprised how effective I am MAX can be. As easy-to- use virtual assistant based on device of hotel client, briefed by hotel marketing manager, he can easily help the traveler to pleasingly spend his time. Offering the information about facilities and events organized inside or outside of the hotel, I am MAX discreetly suggest suitable occasions and activities. Just like special offer for wine tasting in hotel cellar or visiting nearby golf club during happy hour. All travelers appreciate that! 
MAX also promptly answers all the questions. Thanks to FAQ section, your receptionists can now invest time and energy to another activities. Collected data about the guest activities helps to understand better the client needs. Valuable feedback pushes the quality of the services to the new levels. Because only hotel manager who knows his client, can treat him like he feels like VIP - and eventually - he returns. 


Now let’s visualize the financial side of our solution. Hotel with 150 rooms collects around 340 questions by quests, using I am MAX app. 340 questions mean approximately 4 hours of time of receptionist. These 4 hours were well spent on other deeds. 
Smaller hotel improved marketing focus which caused upsell of local facilities in amount of 1000 EURO per month. 
Vision of our product is not only partially supplement the work of the hotel staff, but also provide the ultimate experience for travelers coming to visit and explore. Supporting employees by witty MAX can and will lead to more resources invested in all kind of other areas

About Author


Lukas Vencelik

CEO & co-founder of I am MAX, focused on mobile apps and platforms development from product and sales point of view mostly in travel and hospitality segment.